This is TuTu Much!

For two years now, I have been asking the universe for abundance and clarity and during these last nine months, I have been on a fantastic journey of the soul. I have experienced some heartbreak and rejection but each time I have pivoted out of the negative and shifted toward positivity because I knew that abundance was on its way.

Bring on the TuTu’s

When I finally decided to leave my toxic job due to health concerns, I envisioned myself waltzing into the office in a bright-colored tutu with a fairy wand and telling my boss I quit as I sprinkled fairy dust on all the desks and twinkle-toed my way out the front door.

My dear friend and cheerleader always brings this up and laughs at the thought of it. So do I.

Action Item for You

Because it is so bold and fun at the same time, I want to begin a weekly ritual for all of you to put on that metaphorical tutu and tell me about what you’ve accomplished or will accomplish this week. We’re calling it Tutu Tuesday!

Tutu Tuesdays!

Everyone dreads Mondays. It is a day that goes by so quickly due to weekend emails and usually is filled with meetings and messages leaving no time to think. The next day things are a bit more settled, you find time to think about the rest of the week and what is in store.

Tutu Tuesday is your posting day. Be prepared to post your goals and your weekly wins. Remember to write future goals down to make them happen. Put them in the present tense when you’re writing them. For example; I am the Regional Manager of XYZ Company or I am happy that I have received that $15,000. bonus to buy my new car. Always write it as if it has already happened to you. This is how you manifest your dreams!

Tomorrow is Tuesday so get those accomplishments or dreams ready! I want to see them!

Coach Lisa, HR People Wrangler

Author: peoplewrangler

Executive Director, HR Professional, and Author. I write what inspires me and should inspire others to be excellent leaders in and out of the office.

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