About Me

I’m a native to the Pacific Northwest in and around the Seattle/Puget Sound area. It’s my home and I love it. I am a mother of twin men and so proud of them! I love kayaking, swimming, boating, or anything near or on the water. I love my football team and am an avid hockey fan. I am so excited for the new Seattle team to show up.

I’ve spent my adult “career” life in Human Resources at all levels. Working as a Generalist, Recruiter, Manager, Director and Corporate HR Director. I have had the pleasure of learning most all aspects of the human resources field. Looking back I have been through mergers, acquisitions, lay-offs (those are the worst), and tons of good things like culture change, diversity training, management training, and have witnessed many promotions. My favorite is watching generalists that I’ve trained go on to be fantastic HR Managers.

Why should you listen or read what I have to say?

These articles are for you to see my take on human resources,through my eyes and experiences. To give you some ideas and actions to take back to your company’s to try. There’s nothing worse than an article about human resource topics without any real “meat and potatoes” to dig into. This meat and potato approach is for you to have tangible ideas to take back to use with your team members. Some will work, some will fail, but they all should teach you a new approach and give you insight about what is going on in your organizations.

My goal is to motivate…

…human resources professionals to embrace new ideas, to give advice on certain topics that I have experience in and learn from you on topics I have less information about. There is always something new to learn. Basically, I love to teach and want to have a positive impact in people’s lives including yours.

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